Resources from the 3rd UK Social Innovation lab

Please see below the presentation slides from speakers at the 3rd UK SIMBIO Social Innovation Lab, held on the 24th of November 2021

Kevin Vyse, Head of Technical, ProAmpac RAP – When did we stop thinking

David Newman, Managing Director, Bio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA) – Bioplastics: What do people think?

Alice Harlock, Membership and Services Manager, The On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) – Importance of Labelling – What Consumers Want

Leanne Williams, Policy Analyst, The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) – End of Life: an AD perspective

Dr Erik Ansink, Associate Professor at the Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – No clue about bioplastics

Susan Jay, Sector Specialist, The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) – Considerations for Compostable Plastic Packaging

Prof Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials and Society, UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Sciences – Compostable Plastics: unlocking existing barriers to systems change

Iris Aquilina Anderson, leader of the Bioladies Network and Ambassador of BBIAPolicies to move forward the bioplastics agenda