New Report: Bioplastics are a part of a growing plastics predicament

Image: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives BC Office

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published a new report on the state of waste in British Columbia and a proposed agenda for zero waste by 2040. Tamara Shulman and Belinda Li, two of the researchers from the SIMBIO Canadian team, supported the development of this report. This report outlines the predicament with plastics that doesn’t just apply in British Columbia, but also across Canada and the world, including the rising proliferation of bioplastics. The report proposes several next steps to address the problems with plastics, which focuses mostly on banning single-use plastics, significantly reducing use of virgin plastics and the number of types of plastics in circulation, and supporting small businesses in the transition away from single-use items.

The eventual goal should be to substitute all plastics with non-toxic materials that can be reused for a long time before being recycled or composted.

A Zero Waste Agenda for BC